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Want to Sell Your Land - Don’t Know the Steps?

We Can Help! Quick Closing & Quick Cash!

People come to land for any number of reasons. Do any of these sound like you?
• Inherited land but don't know what to do with it?
• Purchased land with a business partner but your plans fell through?
• Own land as an investment opportunity but no longer have a use for it?

Why put yourself through the pain and hassle of trying to sell your land?Powell Homes and Renovatinos Buys Land in the Greater Seattle area
When you sell your land to Powell there are:
• no hassles or headaches - we'll do the work for you!
• no commissions to pay
• no lowball prices - we'll pay you top dollars since we build on everything we buy
• no risk - we've been buying land and building homes for almost 110 years in the Seattle area and we close 100% of the time

Want to find out what your land is worth? Fill out the form on this page to chat with Brian, our Land Guy, to see what we can do for you!

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