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5 Essentials for Planning Your Seattle-area Dream Home

Posted by Brooks Powell on Jun 15, 2017 6:29:58 AM

5-Essentials-For-Creating-Your-Seattle-Area-Dream-Home.jpgYou’ll have a lot of choices to make when building your dream home in the Seattle area. That’s part of the fun and excitement of building a brand new home—and it will involve decisions you make with your heart and your mind!

There are, however, some decisions you’ll need to make that are more significant than others when it comes to your long-term enjoyment of your new house. Let’s take a quick look at five essentials you’ll want to pay close attention to before you even begin building.

  1. The Layout: Sometimes you’ll hear people talk about the flow of a house. This isn’t just idle talk. The layout of a house is essential. How the rooms are organized and arranged in relationship to one another can make it more comfortable. Of course, not everyone likes things the same way. You may want all bedrooms upstairs, leaving all social rooms downstairs. You might want a home with the master suite on the main level. Take a look at a variety of floor plans first to get a sense for which ones best fit your family’s lifestyle. It doesn’t matter how great a home looks if it doesn’t fit the way you live.
  1. Your Kitchen: This room may well be the most important (and most used) room in your new home. Getting this room right is about much more than picking out the latest and greatest appliances. Think about how you’ll use your kitchen. Will you cook a lot? Will you entertain there? Do you want an “eat-in” kitchen? Here’s a helpful post about remodeling kitchens that looks at important kitchen elements you’ll want to get right in your new kitchen.
  1. Your Master Suite: This is another essential space in your new home. Your master suite is more than just a bedroom and bath. It’s personal space you’ll use every single day to get ready for the outside world. But it’s also a very personal space where you can retreat from the world and relax. Here’s a look at some things you might consider “must-haves” for your master bath. In addition to thinking about where you want to locate your master suite. And in doing that, you’ll want to consider both your current and future needs.
  1. Common Areas: Not all areas of your home are private. Some are intended to be used by your whole family and by your guests. You’ll want to think about how you plan to use your family room, dining room, or living room. How do you entertain? Do you need ample space for lots of people? Or By the way, if you like the idea of an open floor plan, but worry that it can be too open, here’s a helpful article that offers suggestions for resolving that issue.
  1. Non-Starters: Before you pick a plan and sign a contract, it’s also essential to clearly identify things you don’t like—features that you don’t want in your home. Some people don’t like having the laundry on the second floor. For others, it’s ideal. Some homeowners want the master bedroom on the main level for more privacy. Others want all bedrooms together so they can keep an eye on younger kids. Sometimes it’s certain materials that people can’t stand. Don’t overlook your dislikes and hope you’ll get used to them later. You probably won’t. Eliminate them up front.

Naturally, there are all kinds of other items you'll need to think about (Flooring, cabinets, trims, and colors, etc.). But start with the essentials—with the things you really won't want to change down the road. Those are the things that will make your house a home you'll be happy with for a long time.

Editor's Note: Previously published and updated



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