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Do You Have to Like Your Seattle Custom Home Builder?

Posted by Brooks Powell on Jul 28, 2017 10:46:00 AM


Choosing the right homebuilder for your new Seattle home is every bit as important as the location you choose and the floor plan you pick. In fact, choosing the wrong builder (or choosing exclusively on price) is one of the 5 biggest mistakes new homeowners can make. But does that mean you actually have to love—or even like—your Seattle homebuilder?

Well, yes! Sort of.

Let me clarify that. I’m not saying that you have to start a “bromance” with your builder. You don’t have to get together for cocktails at Bathtub Gin & Co or at Rob Roy every Friday night. And you don’t have to invite your builder to your kid’s piano recital. It is important, however, that you feel comfortable with your builder.

Sure, building a house is a business proposition and is based on facts and figures and specifications. But it’s also a fairly personal—and even emotional—process. Building a house is a long-range project. The planning stage for a custom home can take months—or even years. The actual construction of the home can take from six months to two years. You probably don’t want to be in a daily relationship with someone you don’t like.

Here’s something else to consider: What happens when things go a little sideways in the building process? We’ve been building homes in the Seattle area for more almost 110 years and I can tell you that every home we build has little moments when things don’t go as smoothly as planned. It is just part of the process.  If you’re dealing with someone you don’t like—or don’t trust—that can make you miserable.

That “trust” factor is absolutely essential. You don’t have to like the same music or food or cars as your builder. That’s not the point. You do, however, need to trust that he or she will listen to your ideas and concerns and come up with the right solutions for your home. And you want to make sure your builder has the experience and skills to deliver on the promises made.

By the way, once you make your decision about who will be building your home, you’ll want to develop that relationship as you move through the homebuilding process—that can make the whole process much smoother and enjoyable.

You may never put a bumper sticker on your car that proclaims your love for your local Seattle homebuilder. That’s OK. But you should be able to sleep well at night knowing that you trust him or her.


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