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Planning For Your Seattle Housewarming Party

Posted by Brooks Powell on Apr 7, 2017 8:48:00 PM

Planning-For-Your-Seattle-Housewarming-Party.jpgJust because you’re getting ready to move into your new Seattle-area home doesn’t mean the celebration is over. In fact, it’s just gearing up. Chances are your housewarming party is right around the corner. Here’s an idea for planning for your Seattle Housewarming Party so it’s the best ever.

Think about it; you probably had (or will have) a significant amount of help moving in. Maybe you had friends who helped you lug your stuff across town. Somebody had to help you get that sofa up the stairs.  And somebody else probably took care of making sure that everyone was fed and hydrated. On top of that, your friends (even the ones who weren’t physically involved in the move) have been hearing you talk about your new home for longer than you might think. It’s time to celebrate and pay them back a bit.

Sure, you could just call up the local pizza place and have them deliver all the pizzas you need. You could crack open a few bottles of wine and maybe have a cooler of beer handy so that people can help themselves to drinks. Then you can all sit around and eat half-warmed pizza and have a drink or two while you open the housewarming gifts your friends brought (which may include more bottles of wine you don’t really care for or “clever” household items you’ll never use.

OR . . . you could ask your friends and relatives to forego the traditional potted plant and cutting board gifts and ask them to bring PIZZA INGREDIENTS instead. Use your brand new kitchen to set up a DIY Pizza Bar. Some guests can bring white pizza sauce while others can bring a more traditional marinara-type sauce. Some may even want to make their own.

If you’re looking for topping ideas, foodnetwork.com has a post that offers recipes for 50 different kinds of pizza that are easy to make. You can use those recipes to figure out the different kinds of toppings you may want. Or you can simply use your imagination and make a list of every possible ingredient that could go on a pizza and assign those ingredients to different guests.

Half of the fun is laughing at the ones that didn’t quite turn out as planned (Pickle and pineapple? What were they thinking?). And there will always be that one guest (you probably already know who he is) who will try to load 4 pounds of ingredients on his 5” personal pizza.

You’ll want to be careful in case some of your friends and relatives have gluten allergies, The good news is that you and your guests can find gluten-free pizza crusts at Trader Joe’s in the Seattle area.

In addition to being great fun, having guests make their own pizzas puts the emphasis back on the purpose of a home—and makes people feel at home. Your friends and relatives will remember this activity much longer than they’ll remember the cutting board they were going to get you!

The only downside is that when it comes to clean up, you may be on your own. But in your brand new Seattle-area kitchen, you probably won’t mind a bit!


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