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Seattle-area New Home Considerations: Do You Need More Space or a Better Design?

Posted by Brooks Powell on Jun 11, 2017 11:46:00 AM

A-“Big”-Seattle-Area-Remodeling-Question-Do-You-Need-More-Space-or-a-Better-Design.jpgWhen it comes to remodeling homes in the Seattle-area (something we’ve been doing for almost 110 years) one of the most frequent requests we have is for more space. It’s not unusual for Seattleites to feel a little cramped in the quarters of their older homes. That’s not surprising since homes across the U.S. have gotten larger over the years. In fact, PropertyShark.com shares that US homes built in the last 6 years are 74% larger than those built in the 1910s. The average new home in America is more than 2,430 square feet.

What about homes in Seattle? If you look at homes built in the last six years, the median size is 1,790 square feet. Compare that to the median size of all homes in the area, which is 1,590 square feet. So newer homes in Seattle are also larger.

But is bigger better when it comes to space in your home? We’re kind of conditioned to believe that, but what we really want may be something else. We may actually want a house that feels more comfortable—and that can come from better design.

Sometimes that can be achieved by something as simple as letting more natural light into the home. A home with more natural light feels more spacious. A-“Big”-Seattle-Area-Remodeling-Question-Do-You-Need-More-Space-or-a-Better-Design2.jpgHere’s a post that looks at two remodeling approaches that can achieve that effect and the impact can be dramatic. Here’s an article about an older home in Burien where we did exactly that. And while we didn't change the footprint or physical size of the house, it felt much larger inside—and the existing space was much more useable.

There is perhaps no room in the house where usable space is more critical than in the kitchen. That's why it's so important to have a good plan in place for remodeling your kitchen. Achieving a more "user-friendly" kitchen can be accomplished by re-engineering your existing space and making if more efficient. In some cases, you may be able to do that with cabinets that are designed to provide more storage space without taking up more room. Sometimes you may need to "borrow" space from an adjoining room. Here’s a post that talks about a number of different ways to expand your existing kitchen.

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