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What makes for an Excellent Seattle Home Builder?

Posted by Brooks Powell on Jul 13, 2017 2:33:34 PM
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    When you’re looking for someone to build your Seattle dream home, you’re probably not going to search Google for “Decent Homebuilders in the Seattle-Area.” When it comes to creating the home where you and your family will live for years, you set your sights a little higher. You’re looking for a builder you can trust to deliver the level of excellence you expect. But what makes for an excellent Seattle homebuilder?

    And when it comes to homebuilding, what is excellence? The English Oxford Dictionary defines excellence rather succinctly as:

    The quality of being outstanding or extremely good; an outstanding feature or quality

    What does that mean when applied to homebuilding in the Seattle area? I can tell you what it means for us at Powell Homes & Renovations. It’s not perfection. We’re imperfect people. But we hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to your home.

    Here’s how we apply our understanding of excellence to the homes we build.

         Excellence takes people and materials that are imperfect and executes a process to its very highest level.
      Excellence means making sure you understand the building process and are comfortable with it.
        Excellence is a home that is completed on time. Anybody can promise a completion date to get the job. You want someone who really knows how long it will take and then will do everything possible to hit that date.
        Excellence is clear, consistent communication. It’s essential to have a single point of contact that is in regular communication with you about progress.
        Excellence is what happens when something goes wrong (and it will) and the issue is quickly recognized and corrected. Again, it’s not about “perfection” but about excellence and finding solutions that work for everyone involved.
        Excellence is getting a phone call from your builder if something unexpected comes up and the schedule needs to be modified. You really want your builder to be proactive rather than reactive.
        Excellence is being able to move into your home and having your dishwasher, garbage disposal, and gas grill all operational on move-in day.
      Excellence is when you are so pleased with the outcome that when the topic of homebuilding comes up, you say, “Let me tell you about my builder.”

    Of course, this isn't an exhaustive list of qualities for a builder. Look for one who listens to you and pays attention to what’s important to you.

    People build Seattle-area homes and people are not perfect. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect excellencein your home—you should. But if you expect absolute perfection, you’ll be in for a tough home-building experience. The standards of excellence listed above are the way we—and our clients—measure us. If those things are in line with what you expect from a builder, we just may be a good fit for one another.


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