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Welcome to the Powell VIP Realtor® Program in Seattle

Welcome to the Powell VIP Realtor® Program!
We have three different ways to reward our Realtor® partners

The More You Sell the More You Earn!
Sell First
Sell Second
Sell Third

Non-MLS Inventory Access

Do you have a buyer that can’t find a home? We always have inventory that is not on the MLS.
We track lots for sale all over the Puget Sound.
We Buy Teardowns, and Fixer-Uppers!
Know of a  home teardown or fix up candidate? Bring us the opportunity and you'll not only earn the Listing and/or Selling Office Commission for the lot or teardown, we'll pay you a finder's fee of 1 - 1.5% of the home package we sell on that lot (we pay a 1.5% finder's fee for any lot that's within a 1/2 mile or less of a mass transit station). You don't have to lift a finger for the finder's fee. We do all the work for you!
Example of Potential Commission IF Lot = $120,000 @ 3% = $3,600
IF House = $500,000 @ 1-.15% = $5,000-7,500
Total Commission = $8,600-11,100

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